Please let us know your cats preference. We would like to supply as close to home comforts as we can. Prescription food can be given, however must be supplied by the owner.


We offer the following:

Wet food

Whiskers  •  Felix  •  Sheba


Dry food

Go Cat  •  Whiskas  •  Purina  •  IAM’s  •  Hills Science Plan

Fine dining – Kitty Kuisine Menu
Breakfast (£2.00 per dish)

Scrambled eggs – Free range eggs locally sourced


Mains (£3.00 per dish)

Chicken breast poached and thinly sliced

Simply steamed fillet salmon flakes

Flaked tuna in spring water

6 fresh juicy prawns pan seared

Seafood Mixed platter (£2.00 supplement) 
– for the cat that can’t decide! 
A little taste of tasty prawn, flaked tuna, and poached salmon


Turndown service (£2.00)

Choice of favourite cat Treats; warm cat milk, finishing with big cuddles!
Or what ever tickles their fancy!!



Fresh water

Cat milk


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